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First: Pleased to meet you (:

I’m new in this blogosphere and hoping to help people with it 🙂 I have a 5 girls and everything I do must include them, so for those of you who were looking for a “pets only” blog – I’m sorry it’s not what you expected but please hang around 🙂 My boyfriend, the girls & I would love to have you around ♥

If you want to start reading articles, you can start here or under “Wordsmith”. I have other subjects that you may like and are under “Wordy Mind” but these are not meant to be as a blog, more like – a notebook for my wordy and opinionated mind.

New Land Life – Exploring this paid land.

Blogging, this is a new land life for me. Therefore, I’m trying to find if this is, first, for me, my pet(s) and lastly, for my love and my adventures, for small as they may be. As a result of everything going on, I’ve found the long lost passion for writing. Probably without the skills to do so haha. I used to have blogs back in my teen years such as Blogger, more than 1 in blogger really. Mostly thoughts in Spanish *mother tongue* and Tumblr for random pictures and thoughts.

I want to explore this reborn passion for writing again which has been supported by that one person that I want to start a life with (Oneldo) – that’s his name ♥ quite exotic name, right? Finally, for me, this will be the beginning my new chapter with him (hopefully, not just a chapter but a whole book). Opposite to him, I’m quite awkward and a little cold at times but he has been nothing but patient when it comes to try and get my point across. I want to use this space to record my thoughts and the photos taken along our ride around the globe.

Silly me, I know.

While I usually make long posts, I’ll try to maintain this as simple as possible. This is a new chapter for me and I want to share this with everyone I get to meet. Consequently, I’ll try conquering the world a city at a time. As I always say, everywhere I look there’s always a piece of inspiration ♦ Almost every time, this thought makes me smile, therefore I hope I can transmit this feeling to you.

My Family

These are my girls – impatient and ever so loving, stray dogs. All females and all energetic every day. They like long walks, making new doggy friends and eating woody furniture haha

It’s a family picture, albeit not the best photograph but we manage to get an early Sunday morning shot with EVERYONE in the picture ♥

Family Portrait

We were taking pictures testing the camera but ALL the girls were there, still… sitting next to us and oh, the peace – IT WAS AMAZING! ♥ We haven’t had too many opportunities to actually get shots like this because most of the time the girls are playing or they are not together. True enough, this moment lasted no longer than 30 seconds.

… & without the girls, we look like this:

Laura and Oneldo

Okay, maybe not like this all the time, but you get the point, haha We were visiting my sister in SFO back in 2016. I’ll upload what we saw and learned during the trip as we always travel on a budget. We’re young college students with a low income, EVERYTHING has to be under a budget or it wouldn’t be possible haha

Fun Fact: I had not bleached my hair yet.


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New Land Life


 And as imagination bodies forth
The forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen
Turns them to shapes and gives to airy nothing
A local habitation and a name.
– William Shakespeare (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

Cheers and Blessed be,

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