2018 Bullet Journal Setup

2018 Bullet Journal Setup

Yup, I know it’s almost July, 7th month of the year, and too late for a 2018 Bullet Journal Setup BUT people tend to start a bullet journal when they need it, not at the beginning of the year specifically. That’s what I’ve gathered so far. Aside from the fact that I’ll be soon needing one as I’m almost done with mine.

2018 Bullet Journal Setup

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To be honest, it’s overwhelming reviewing and checking monthly setups and where people tend to change the spreads of a bullet journal, I use pretty much the same format. Simple.

This has been working for me since last year, it took me a couple of months to notice that the bullet journal was used only for important things and a couple of song lyrics more than anything else… and thus, I try to keep it simple. Also, if I try to make it Instagram worth it – it’s more of a headache than it’s useful so if you’re starting and don’t know where to start… DO NOT FRET! No one does at first. I’ve written on how to start one here 🙂

This is to give you a couple of ideas of what to do and what can be used. Keeping this simple, this is what I’ve used so far – which are very specific materials at the end of the day because the same are used day in and day out. Amazon, of course, the source of most of my materials (:


Trying to keep it a lot simpler than what I did last year, because if I feel like “it’s too much” at first. Then it’ll be dropped because “it’ll never be good enough” and it doesn’t help my brain hahaha

These are the pictures of the setup. If you want to see a monthly setup, let me know and we can go through the quarter (:

MEGA disclaimer: Pictures are not great, I’ll try to upload better in the future (:

Index – I actually use this haha

2018 Bullet Journal Setup Index


2018 Bullet Journal Setup Cover

Wiccan Rede & Key – I barely use all the symbols in the Key

2018 Bullet Journal Setup Key

Year @ a Glance

2018 Bullet Journal Setup yearataglance

Future Log – Contains important dates for the months

2018 Bullet Journal Setup futurelog


The 13 Principles of Belief & Savings Challenge

2018 Bullet Journal Setup 13principles

Things to Declutter & Weight Loss Journey

2018 Bullet Journal Setup declutter

How To Get Up Early & Affirmations

2018 Bullet Journal Setup getup

Books Read on 2018 (I have to make a new one every so often as I read like nobody’s business) & Operation Credit Card

2018 Bullet Journal Setup Books

The Wheel Of The Year & Moon Phases

Cleaning Schedule (adding the 15-min I mentioned here) & Planning Routine

2018 Bullet Journal Setup Cleaning

Level 10 Life: Beginning of the Year – This will be reviewed at the end of the year (or when I change Bullet Journal)

2018 Bullet Journal Setup Level10

Mind Map & Brain Dump

Habits & Ideal Schedule (I don’t want to fill the ideal schedule yet)

2018 Bullet Journal Setup Habits

Master Plan 2018 – I actually review this monthly to have a main goal monthly.

2018 Bullet Journal Setup MasterPlan

Exercise In Pixels – definitely not working for me & House Projects

2018 Bullet Journal Setup PixelsHouse

One of those days…& Ideas For Self Care

2018 Bullet Journal Setup selfcare

After these, the monthly starts. To be completely honest, between Nov through Mar I wasn’t actively using it. It was the worse slump of depression so far. However, since April, I’ve been very good to make the spreads, use them, I even recognized why I felt this was too much at first and that’s why I make them a lot more simple.

Now, please let me know if a monthly review of the bullet journal or quarterly review on a different post? I could even set up a video if you’d like to see how I do the spread but I’ve NEVER done anything like that, let alone edit it. Still, let me know by shooting me an email or comment below (:

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. – Walt Disney


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