About Me

Nice meeting you (:

I’m Laura and I’m the creator, writer, social manager, etc. behind this blog ♥ 

Introductions Laura
Harley Quinn Mug ♥


A quick introduction to what inspires Laura:

  • Likes: Coffee & tea, woods, journaling, crystals, and writing.
  • Obsession: Books. Audiobooks, Kindle, physical books ♥
  • Dislikes: Being placed on hold, clutter around my workspace, doing dishes.
  • Background: Systems Engineering, a little bit of Literature and Creative Writing.
  • Favorite Hobby: Read. (Goodreads)




I started blogging around 2016 but until 2019 I started getting serious about it because, it’s the best creative outlet I’ve found so far and it’s helped me with expanding my knowledge, and my confidence. For me, success is to inspire people to follow their dreams and do something they like. I hope to do that here for you as well.

I’ve been reading and writing passionately my whole life. No, let me correct that; writing passionately, reading obsessively. That sounds more accurate. I always had the urge to plaster my mind into pen and paper but old blogs (in Spanish and English) were my preferred choice. It included poems, short stories, and thoughts. Maybe, I wasn’t good enough as <insert famous author name here>, but it made my 11-year-old self happy. I want to transmit that joy here as well, maybe not as a professional but as someone that has been through a journey that can help yours.

There are no professional degrees here but life is the best teacher you can have at times.

You’ll find that I love to write about intentional living. Giving everything you own, wear, read, listen and digest meaning. Does it make you happy? Smile? Feel good about yourself? After all, we all have a single life and we should enjoy it at its fullest.

This is no fashion blog, but I hope to inspire you to look for your style that reflects who you are. No interior designer but I’d love to help you create a space that helps you feel relaxed and that it becomes a sort of sanctuary.

I’m a mental health advocate, a great listener and want to inspire you to be kind to yourself, no matter who, what or when. Let’s help each other out in this adulting thing that’s driving us batshit crazy.


Our House


A small space we called home in San Lucas Sacatepequez, Guatemala surrounded by trees and forest. It’s rented and we love it and we’d like to buy it and make it more our own. It’s a joyful, quiet place to live.

My other half

Jose is the person that has supported me the most during the journey of wanting to work from home. He reminds to be positive, realistic and to take care of myself daily. He’s the one that takes better care of our fur babies and always puts a smile on my face.


The Fur Babies

The Pack

All of these beautiful ladies have been adopted and rescued. The noblest and sweet dogs I’ve ever owned and I adore them.











The YinYang

I am a certified cat lady, I think and I’ve had cats since I was 3. I just had to have them, they’re the animal I feel the most connected to, aside from wolves but… you can’t have a pet-wolf. Yin’s a little crazy but they get along wonderfully.

Miyako Yin (Yin)


Sherlock Yang (Nana)


The Piggies

And last, but not list… guinea pigs. These beautiful things came into the house because of a friend and they kind of never left.

Haku (male)


Haru (female)


Other aspects…

I’m starting a journey based on minimalism, and it’s a movement called “Intentional Living”. If I were to be classified as a minimalist, I’d be a mess and not very good at it. However, the point of living with intention is to have the things that make us happy and avoid the clutter. It’s a simple concept and it can be applied to every aspect of your life. I hope to inspire you to follow your own journey towards feeling better.

This is the main topic of this blog. Everything shared relates to this, from the organizational aspect to the inspirational one.

Eventually, the dream is to publish books that can reach and help more people to feel better and more comfortable regardless of the lifestyle they lead.

If you have feedback, stories or simply need to chat, you can reach me at laura@lifebetweendogs.com. You can also come to hang out with me on any social network.


Thank you so much for visiting, reading my wall of text and I hope you enjoy your stay