Bullet Journal: General Collections

Continuing with our Bullet Journal 101… Isn’t it odd to have the word collections when referring to a bunch of random pages? Yeah, I know it isn’t either because you’re collecting pages or references that you like. I’ll share with you a printable list of ideas you may use, I won’t give you above 25+ ideas because it may be super overwhelming when you’re starting.

I have 19 pages of collections because of a house project, brain dump, and a moon calendar.

What is a Collection?

Collections can be random calendars, places to visit, things to buy, a list of things you plan to do, things you want to try, projects to keep a tab on, maps… the list goes on and it could be anything you want or need.

  • Custom Collections

These are collections, like the ones that I have, based on your interests and needs. It consists of anything other than the bullet journal “must-have” pages.

This will reflect anything you want to track or you need to track.

  • Quick Tip

If you don’t want to have the collections at the very beginning of the bullet journal, right next to the future log, then you can start backward. The last page will become your first collection, and so on… and this will allow you to have a neat bullet journal if you don’t want to mix the regular bullet journal collections with your custom collections.

I prefer my collection at the beginning. I tried once in the end, and I forgot completely about them.

General Bullet Journal Collections I Use 

The following list it’s what I generally use but I’ve changed a couple over the years since I’ve been journaling since 2016. If you want a list of pictures from those journals or of this list, let me know in the comments!

  • 2020 Goals 

List of all the goals that I wish to accomplish during the year but with a quote to make me understand it’s okay not to fulfill them all.

  • Cleaning Routine 

It’s always better to have a structure that can help you make your decision making easier and spend less time with things that don’t need your attention.

  • Laundry Schedule

To avoid doing tons of loads during a single day, it’s a lot nicer to do it 2 – 3 times a week. This, however, will depend on the amount of clothing used in your household.

  • Moon Calendar 

This is something I like, simply because I like to watch the full moon whenever I get the chance.

  • Level 10 Life

Thank you, Hal Elrod. You can read about this concept in The Miracle Morning book. He describes this the following day: “If we’re measuring our levels of success/satisfaction in any area of our lives, we all want to be living our best lives at a ‘Level 10’ in each area.”

  • Daily and Nightly Routine

This is something that no matter if it takes 5 minutes or 3 hours, it’s always good to take your time in the morning to start the day how you want it, instead of rushing out the door and at night, to rest properly.

  • House Projects

There are always little things you see and say: “I want to change that” or “I want to do that here” and even “I’d like to purchase this for that area”. Well, this is something for you to not forget what you want to do to make your house cozier and plan a budget to make it happen!

  • Brain Dump Page

This is exactly what it sounds like, a page or pages to simply write anything that you want out of your brain. Be it to revisit or simple to get it out and never see it again. I use it for ideas that I want to work on, side projects, or blogging ideas.

  • Quotes

A little encouragement from time to time and a little reminder of good things is never out of place.

  • How To Wake Up Early Ideas

When you have to get up early but you hate it, well… a page full of small tasks that can help your morning easier is always welcome.

  • Depression and Anxiety Coping Ideas

For those of you, like me, that need a couple of ideas on how to cope or what to do when you’re feeling blue or crawling out of your skin, this is always a handy collection to have because it can, not only help you but guide someone else in helping you.

  • Self-Care Ideas

This is completely separate from the previous collection, as this can help anyone needing a simple break. I use it for myself and other people when they need ideas to relax.

  • Things That Make Me Happy List

This is something that helps me to remind myself of the small things that can make me small on a bad day.

  • Ideal Schedules

As a newly self-employed person, I think having an idea of a good structure is useful. You can base a real schedule on this or try to follow it whenever you can.

  • Skin Care Routine

Skincare’s a lot more important than using makeup all the time, in my opinion. Not saying it’s wrong, it’s just a preference. So, hydrating your skin is a must on my list.

  • Wishlist

You can have an Amazon wishlist, but things that you see anywhere but can’t find the same online, it’ll remind you to go back to a specific store and get it.

  • Expecting Deliveries 

Never lose track of your packages. When you order from different sites or even different countries, you’ll always know what you are waiting to appear on your door at some point.

  • Ideal Workout Plan 

Again, structures are super important, and knowing what you are expected to work on it’s wonderful. Yoga is something to try and do daily, but I also make time for different activities such as weightlifting and swimming.

  • Fuck This Ranting Pages 

Just what it sounds, a random page to just rant and vent on things that we don’t like or things that we hate and wish to change.

List of General Bullet Journal Collections

I make a difference between monthly collections and general bullet journal collections because my monthly collection can be changed at will or if they didn’t work for that month. This is a subject that we’ll approach in another post to make things easier to understand as I would have love to find it.

You can download the list with 25+ ideas below.


We’ll dive into the monthly collections mentioned above. These are the ones I use the most. I also tend to maintain them month after month but it may not be the case for you.

From the list, you received in your email which idea did you like best? Do you want me to add more to the list? Maybe another idea that works best for you? Or do you want to see pictures of my collections?

Let me know, it’s always great to know what works for other people.

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