Future Log

Understanding the Future Log

The future log is one of the first things we cover when we set up a bullet journal. We’ll see what exactly is and how to use it in a productive way.

I don’t use it much but I like to have it, because I do plan for vacations and meetings ahead.

This post will hopefully show you how to use it to keep you on track of planning. We’ve already gone through the Index, the Key Page, and we’re currently checking the Future Log.


What is the Future Log? (H2)

It’s a calendar, it can be 6 – 12 months (normally 6 months), where you add all of the important monthly and yearly events in one place. Which translates into basically a calendar spread for anything relevant to your long-term planning and avoid missing out on any appointment. It’s an easy enough spread with a lot of variables, depending on your style and preference.

But, don’t think you’re missing out on an easy way to see your future appointments, it’s just… convenient.


The Set-Up (H2)

As mentioned, there are tons of ways to do it, and my way is 3 months per page. Be it horizontal or vertical, it’s easier to write a few important events. 3 months per page, and only 6 months, works for me because of how fast I go through my bullet journal. You’ll find out what works for you after a few tries.

It would be easier to have the it next to the index and key page, then you’ll be able to review it and have easy access to it to revise it. I try to start a yearly bullet journal, so I’ll start it in December and my future log would be from January through June. But I’ve also had to start in the middle of the year like August.


Ideas to Use the Future Log (H2)

It varies what people use the this for but the most common things people write are:


  • Birthdays (H3)

  • Anniversaries (H3)

  • Vacations (H3)

  • Meetings (H3)

  • Holidays (H3)

  • Travels (H3)

  • Other Appointments

As you’ve seen, it’s usually yearly recurring events or happening in the future that should not be forgotten and can help you plan when you start a monthly spread.

I use the monthly logs more instead of the future log. It makes sense to use it more for holidays, vacations and anniversaries, while the monthly log is for birthdays, meetings and travel plans.

It’s easier to plan monthly events when I can revise and confirm my future log entries. I don’t make my monthly spreads far ahead, but I do start them the last week of the month for the next month. THAT sounds like a riddle and hope it’s understandable haha

I’d say to use both spreads but it’s not necessary. It does, however, make things easier for a quick glance on what would be happening and if you need to plan for a specific reason while you schedule things for a month.


Year at a Glance vs Future Log (H2)

These are spreads I like to point out that are not always the same or used the same way. Year at a glance it’s literally having a mini 12-month calendar at the beginning of the bullet journal and the future log is where you can write and plan events ahead of time.


Future vs Monthly Log (H2)

The future log comes into play because, personally, I don’t do monthly spreads far in advance and every time a monthly spread is created, the future log is revised. I don’t use it often but when I do, I write the monthly appointments when it corresponds.


Next… (H2)

After you’ve decided if you’ll be using a future log or not, we’ll dive into what you will be using now… Collections.


Let me know, in the comments below, what you think of this and what ideas do you have to create a future log.


Laura M.


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