Monthly Collections

Bullet Journal Monthly Collections

This may seem repetitive, but monthly collections are more of what you want to track during that specific month instead of your yearly goals or yearly trackers. Some people use them, others don’t but you’ll do you.


I’ll give you a list of the ones I use and a downloadable list with a few more you could try. I don’t recommend going all out, which is why I’ll continue to keep the list sweet, short, and simple.


Let’s revisit a key point from the previous post

What is a Collection?

Collections can be random calendars, places to visit, things to buy, a list of things you plan to do, things you want to try, projects to keep a tab on, maps… the list goes on and it could be anything you want or need.

Now, with that out of the way, we can head onto the important bits like which sort of collections can be included monthly. These collections start right after a monthly cover, focus word or phrase, and a calendar.

Monthly Bullet Journal Collections I Use

I mentioned in the general collections post that I’ve been journaling since 2016 but it was until recently (January 2020) that I finally found most of the monthly collections that actually work for me. Meaning that it’s not always a straight line and that’s okay. I can honestly say that I removed a couple of collections in March but March and April are the same and have worked so far.


  • Habit Tracker

These are the habits I want to create or grow monthly. In my list, I have yoga, meditation, blogging, taking care of my pets, and journaling.


  • One sentence Monthly Gratitude

I have a separate gratitude journal but, this is always a good exercise to remind yourself that even the small things that make up your life, is something to be grateful for. The air, the sun, the music, the phone, the pets, etc.


  • Birthday and Events

This is where the Future Log is revisited. I write the important dates for the month, holidays, birthdays, and anything specific going on that month, that I didn’t know about when the Future Log was created.


  • Self-Care Tracker

The self-care tracker consists of a list of things I need to follow daily to make sure I feel accomplished and good with myself. I check if I slept enough if I did my routines, my skincare routine, my morning pages, and other small but important things for me.


  • Mood Tracker

This is something that’s quite common and popular among all bujo enthusiasts. I like keeping track because it’s interesting how different things during the day can affect your initial mood.


  • Medications Tracker

It’s not something that everyone uses, but I take 4 daily medications and tend to forget it sometimes. It’s better to be safe than sorry, which is exactly how I use mine. It can be used for vitamins.


  • Mental Care Tracker

Given that I have different mental illnesses, I do like to keep track of different symptoms during the day because this helps me with better management, making sure my meds are working and having a better understanding of my brain.


  • Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is to have an ideal week of writing, brainstorming, and publishing posts. This is a guide I have to not forget that I’m still working on creating content and some book writing here and there.


  • Brain Dump (Ideas)

We mentioned the brain dump as a general collection but it can also be used monthly. I have ideas for something I want to write during that month, or a specific topic I want to research and that would be written here. The general braindump is more things that I see or want to do during the year.


  • Music/Playlist

While reading, cleaning, and working, I’m a big fan of listening to audiobooks which I already know. I need to just have the background noise. A new song, new artist (this doesn’t happen often), a new playlist, or recommendations of any of the above. If I like it and it works to keep me calm, productive, or simply the beat it’s something I enjoy, it gets written here.


  • Monthly Subscriptions

This spread is to keep track of my monthly subscription payments and remove or add accordingly. Honestly, I am the type of person that rarely sees a monthly statement, or check the “trials” that I have, let alone remember a trial period. This has led to a lot of issues, missing money, and some debts… Awful, right? Hence, I see this daily to not forget and be more cautious as to what I spend my money on a monthly basis.


List of Monthly Collections

I’m adding a few more ideas that I’ve tried and I’ve seen people try. Unlike the previous list, this only contains 10 ideas. Again, it’s prettier to have simple things you can try than feel overwhelmed with too many things thrown your way.



You do you. If you don’t want any monthly collections, that’s also okay. As long as you remember that doing a bullet journal is supposed to be fun and help you!


From the list, you received in your email which idea did you like best? Do you want me to add more to the list? Any other idea that works best for you? Do you want to see pictures of my collections? Are you interested to see the inspiration for the collections?


Let me know in the comments below, it’s always great to know what works for other people.

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