Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

The monthly spread is one of the most attractive and useful things of a bullet journal. Pretty much the reason you want to use the bullet journal is to organize your year, month, or week. I mean, I do. Some people prefer daily spreads, and to some of us, at times, hourly it’s the best way to go. However, you use hourly on weekly or daily spreads.

It’s a fun way to have an overview of your monthly tasks or engagements. There are tons of ways to look at this, therefore, we have weekly and daily spreads. Furthermore, I’ll get you some of the ideas that inspire my monthly spreads because I tend to go simple and minimal. On the other hand, sometimes monochrome or not much color, despite my collections of pastel everything, can be everything one needs.

Let’s start at the beginning…

Monthly spread, what is it?


Simple answer: an overview of the month ahead.

If you want more detailed information about the short-term tasks, using the monthly spread allows you to do just that. You can write expectations, your main focus, and using a system of 3 main goals per month, 3 main goals per week and 3 main goals per day make the short-term goals easier to achieve.

You can usually set it up in 2 pages and write down the specifics, be it as a calendar view of a list view. Usually, I use the monthly view, BUT I don’t use the monthly spread to write specifics, I use the weekly spread. But that’ll be for another time.

Most importantly, the best thing about the bullet journal system it’s that it not only can be done prettily but quite simple and I’m showcasing some of the ones that have been my inspiration.

Monthly Spread – Calendar vs. List

The best way to know how you can use it it’s seeing examples. Remember, do not compare, use as inspiration, or even copy it but remember to always do you. For instance, I’m a totally monthly calendar kid but I know tons of people that are monthly list kids.


  • March Monthly (Calendar)

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  • December Monthly (List)

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  • September Monthly (Calendar)

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  • September Monthly (List)

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  • April Monthly (Calendar)



  • March Monthly (Calendar)

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In conclusion, you can change things as you go!

The best thing about the bullet journal is that you can make it your own and change, add or remove things based on how much you liked it, helped you, or simply to try something different.

Let your imagination flow and remember to share your experiences in the comment section!

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