bullet layouts

Bullet Journal Layouts That Work For Me

bullet layouts

“Bullet Journal Layouts That Work For Me” I’ve been following the Bullet Journal world for almost a year and I dare say, it’s amazing and can be quite artistically beautiful. I tried it and failed, miserably. Burning all bridges towards that dream but I’m pretty happy with my own results. I compiled a few pictures of my bullet journal and others I’ve found that is definitely worth the small amount of time invested to get the best of it. Now, onto the Bullet Journal layouts that work for me… after reviewing some basics.


Let’s get down to basics, to make sure we’re all on the same page:

“A Bullet Journal It’s an organizational system which can be customized and it’s so forgiving that you can use it as you see fit; a To-Do list, Sketchbook, Diary, Notebook, it really can become whatever you need it to be. Pretty awesome, right?  The original intention of the bullet journal system.” I speak about how I started here if you want to read it as well (:

Now, the images. We’ll start with the ones I’ve found on Instagram with their respective users.

butfirstbujo@butfirstbujo / Via instagram.com

dreimoeven@dreimoeven / Via instagram.com

taylormillerTaylor Miller / Via buzzfeed.com

journalinspiration@journalspiration / Via instagram.com

journalinspiration2@journalspiration / Via instagram.com

feeneve@feeneve / Via instagram.com

studywithinspo@studywithinspo / Via instagram.com

To name a few. Now, please tell me these are not the prettiest things you’ve seen! Definitely, mine is not even close to that but it’s proven that the less artistic for me, the easier to keep up and actually use them!

These are my layouts.



As I’ve said, not artistic but efficient and so far, I’ve been I’m keeping this format. It’s my second month using these spreads and you’ve seen that they are pretty much the same. I’d love to see yours be it email or post!

Let me know what has worked for you (:



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