Bullet Journal Prompt

Bullet Journal Prompts for Mental Health

Bullet Journal for Mental Health

Bullet Journal Prompt

There are many resources there that can help with mental health, however, in my experience – not all of them resonate with me. Of course, panic disorder, social anxiety, and depression are different depending on the person.

I’ll give you a list of prompts that I feel could be useful and provide you with pictures of the one’s I’m using. I’m literally using 4 but we’ll get to that. I also use like plenty calendars, reminders and two specific journals, sleep journal and daily journal. The sleep journal is to write whenever I have trouble sleeping, if there was any dream and what I remember and felt. Also, to check how rested I feel and discuss it with my therapist. The daily journal is for my regular day, if there’s any specific feelings and to keep track of how my meds are affecting me.

As mentioned, I personally struggled with all of the above (panic disorder – this is new, social anxiety and depression) and I do not wish this upon anyone. No one deserves to go through this struggle. Anyway, I am no expert but I’ve read tons about the topic as well as discussed about it with an expert, however, I just give my personal experience and what could work for someone else.

This may be off-handed but whether mental issues or no, I am a great listener (reader) and sometimes, that’s all you need. Someone that listens.

Onto the main topic, sorry I went off track for a moment. I believe that journaling as well as blogging has allowed me and provided me with an outlet. It has also helped me and my therapist track triggers, my reaction to meds, moods, and trends.

If you’ve never used a bullet journal, read here to get to know it and here to start and (: I’ll be doing an entire series so we can go in-depth with all the basics and how to start one simple and move to one that can be off-handed worthy.

Bullet Journal Prompts found and all credits will be below the image:

  • Trigger Tracker

Trigger TrackerDoodle Trigger Tracker: Lindsay Braman

I found this image on Pinterest. It’s beautiful and genius if you want to track your symptoms.

  • Mental Health Tracker (physical, behaviors, moods)

Mental HealthMental Tracker: Erin Elissa

Having a page to keep track of your symptoms can help you see trends. In the monthly mental health tracker, will include emotional and physical symptoms.

  • Self-Care Activities

Self CareSelf-Care Ideas: Taylor Miller

Write down a list of things you love to do, that are just for you and always try to squeeze in one activity where you are the center of everything.

  • Gratitude Log

Gratitude LogGratitude Log: Mrs Bullets Journal 42

People always say: the more positivity you incorporate into your life, the more positive you will become. Or so they say. It doesn’t happen overnight but it’s a great habit that helps!

  • F*ck This, F*ck That

This and ThatFuck This, Fuck That: Taylor Miller

Rant and get all the negative out of your mind so you have more space to avoid those thoughts that may become harmful. Get them off your system and work towards addressing whatever is making you uncomfortable.

  • Affirmations

AffirmationsAffirmations: The Journal Is Home

Power phrases that you can repeat daily to encourage you and help you manifest your goals.

  • Food Tracker

Food TrackerFood Tracker: Taylor Miller

This could help you become more aware of what goes into your body and be mindful of what it does to your body and mind.

Remember that your journal is yours alone and you can add, remove or change as many prompts as you need to. It doesn’t have to be for anyone else but you can share it as long as you feel comfortable. My spreads are the same and SUPER simple simply because that’s what has worked for me. Work with goals as well, it’ll be easier.

These are the prompts I use:

  • Mental Health Tracker

Mental Tracker Mine

  • Self-Care Activities

Self-Care Mine

  • Monthly Word Affirmations

Monthly Affirmations

  • Gratitude Log

Gratitude Log

Let me know what you think. I definitely believe that these prompts are useful not only for mental health but for when you’re feeling blue or stressed.

I’d love to see your ideas! Send me an email or comment below and let’s get chatting!


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