Depression Diary 2

Depression Dairies – Entry #2

Plain talk here, again.

Depression Talk

Going on a depression talk once more.

Going back to talking about what I mentioned in my last rant, depression talk, I have not been able to maintain as many things as I would have wanted – then again, this sort of expectations have been feeding my depression. Oh, surprise! With consistency issues, I suck at keeping things going. I kept the exercise and some habits – obviously, the bullet journal is the best upkeep I can have πŸ˜€ I will have a post on that later, I like how simple it looks and it has been a consistent spread for the past months (except Nov, that has been the worst month – so far).

Given, I absolutely hate pills so I had to maintain a balanced diet and constant exercise to keep them away. Also, a healthy morning and evening routine. The only problem is… I have consistency issues and that makes everything a lot harder. Hoping someone can relate to this, I have found a way to try and maintain myself accountable but it’s harder some days than others. Sometimes even weeks.

The worst thing, I am taking pills for anxiety and depression. It should not be something bad and it has little to do with taboo but I personally dislike taking pills. Let alone pills that I’m unsure when I’ll stop needing them. A great thing about this though, alcohol should not be involved and thus… no alcohol until further notice (:

Honestly, I kind of suck at being social in social networks which I’ve been told also helps to keep accountable and I’m trying to improve that. I am, however, awesome at email exchange but that doesn’t particularly help to keep accountable.

I made these posts as “Diary Entry” for, not only accountability but also as an outlet. For the time being, it’ll be great if this rant helps someone or someone can relate to this.

Big Thanks!

Thank you for reading. Trust me, I’d love to hear from you – your thoughts and strugglesΒ β™₯


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