Depression Diaries – Entry # 1

Okay, so plain talk is exactly that. Depression talk.

I suffer from clinical depression and it has never really been treated after diagnosed. According to my psychiatrist, I found a way to ignore my depression as long as I had someone depending on me. This has been a vicious cycle of on and off since I was 11 years old. But now that I’m “on my own” at 25 years old and I have the most supportive boyfriend ever and a bunch of beautiful girls running about. It’s still hard not fall back into the untreated depression.

Given, I absolutely hate pills so I need to maintain a balanced diet and constant exercise. Also, a healthy morning and evening routine. The only problem is… I have consistency issues and that makes everything a lot harder. Hoping someone can relate to this, I have found a way to try and maintain myself accountable for the things I ABSOLUTELY need to do in order to keep the pills away.

I’ve created a monthly “challenge” but divided it into weeks, so I have 5 different weeks for 1 month and it includes the things I need to religiously do during that day and at night (including writing to have something I can grow). I want to use this to stay accountable and create online buddies (:

Honestly, I kind of suck at being social in social networks which I’m trying to improve. I am, however, awesome at email exchange haha. So I figured, I could try to use the email exchange to improve at social networks (:

Going back to the “challenge” – I made this post as a Diary Entry for “accountability”. I cannot place an exact amount of days for this challenge as I depend too much on this. If this is something you’d use, it’ll be great! Let me know if this is something that you’d use, how you’d tweak it and even if it’s not used for depression, then for accountability such as:

  • Weight Loss (As I do)
  • Blog Productivity
  • Skin/Hair Care
  • Sticking to Habits

I noticed that challenges are better done in smaller numbers when you lack the will. It’s always better to have small wins that can lead to a higher life quality.

Big Thanks!

Thank you for reading and I honestly hope that this helps you as it will help me. You can download the template below and don’t forget to let me know how it works for you! Trust me, I’d love to hear from you and if this was handed to me 3 years ago, I think it would have made things a bit easier

I’ll include:

  • The Weekly Calendar I’m using
  • Morning Routine
  • Evening Routine
  • Templates for you to fill and check the weekdays (:
  • Mood Tracker Template (I use only 3, which is a lot easier)

Laura M.


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