Bullet Journal Setup

How to: Setup a Bullet Journal

Now that we have the tools that we spoke in this post, we’ll go into setting up a bullet journal and guess what? IMAGES. Yes, we’ll see images from different people in every step we cover when it comes to setting up a BASIC bullet journal. No crazy pages, no uber artistic pages, nothing too fancy… simple, non-threatening images. Just a black pen, a ruler and a blank notebook. Trust me, walk before you run.

I believe this will definitely be a short post, given that the basic pages of the bullet journal system are:

  • Key Page
  • Index Page
  • Future Log
  • Monthly Log
  • Daily Log


The Monthly and Daily Log can be optional, depending on what you need most. Be it monthly, weekly or daily.

First things first, let’s start with the key page.


Key Page

This is the page where you place a reminder of the symbols you’re going to be using as signifiers. We’ll be using other minimalist bullet journals so you can see the possibilities of making it pretty without an artistic flare. It definitely works, and at some point, I’ll show you mine.


@Pinterest – if this is your image, let me know to give proper credit.


@Pinterest – if this is your image, let me know to give proper credit.


As you can see, it looks pretty, clean and without being overly artistic. I love the clean design.

Next, we have the Index page, again… minimalist examples below.


Index Page

The Index page is the way you can keep track of what you’re writing in your bullet journal, this definitely helps when you have your pages 





Pretty neat, simple and easy to follow, right? This is something that you can create or if you went for a fancier notebook then most likely you will have an Index page already included.


Future Log

This is a good way to visibility for events or birthdays that don’t fall on the month you’re currently working and allows you to properly prepare and not forget. It’s good to check the future log to make sure you’re not forgetting an event if it falls into the month you’re working.






This is something I like to have in my bullet journal BUT I fail to use it on a monthly basis. So, I only use it for holidays and birthdays.


Monthly Log (H2)

The simple version it’s a monthly calendar and tasks for the month page. The monthly tasks page is for you to check your monthly priorities, what has been moved to the current month and whatever needs to be done that month. The monthly calendar is to help you schedule appointments, tasks or any other event. Here are some pretty and simple monthly logs:






The vertical way, it’s not really my style and definitely, I tend to schedule weekly instead of a whole monthly view. But, this is something that may work for you.


Daily Log (H2)

This is the one that I use the most for scheduling and planning the most important tasks or events that I need to remember. I like the clean and simple look as well, and those are the images I show below.






The second image, from reenshayjournals it’s more my style as well. Definitely, prettier and enough space as I don’t have many daily things to write that are outside my regular routine.


Next, we’ll be checking in-depth the Index


Laura M.


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