How to Use: Google Calendar

Google Calendar

And simplify your life. First of all, yes – Google Calendar it’s certainly cliché, but it definitely helps so much. Furthermore, I’ve tried a lot of different calendars and finally realized that this is it. From personal experience, I am a messy person and thus I try a lot of different organizational methods to be on top of my game most of the time. I have (and use):

  • White Board
  • Bullet Journal
  • Financial Diary
  • Merge App
  • Google Calendar
  • MinimaList
  • Alarms

As mentioned, I am messy, forgetful, anxious and depressive so I hope you don’t need as many things as I do to keep track of everything. But we are here to discuss in detail the use of Google Calendar to simplify your life.

1. Google Calendar links to:

  • Phone
  • Browser (Computer)
  • Email Address
  • iOS Calendar

As you can see, this is how it’s been proven to be simple to use. You can schedule your day, week or month in advance and you’ll be able to see it throughout all of your devices and edit, change or delete any task, event.

2. It provides you with reminders via phone notifications or emails.

This is used for my daily calendar as well as my editorial calendar, so when there’s a reminder (because it’s usually either a few hours or days) which allows me going over anything that is pending and to know where it can be allocated in time.

3. Meetings and Events

Create events without even opening Google Calendar.

Who said lazy people are not clever? Hah! This is the one I’m showing because I was SO impressed when I figured it out. BTW, I’m using J as an example here (:

4. Adding calendars within the calendar, add an alternate calendar and calendar of interests.

  • Adding Calendars usually works for work and personal use.
  • Use Alternate Calendars for i.e. the Chinese calendar
  • Calendar of Interests is holidays of other countries and even sports calendars.

It can be emailed to anyone, alongside meetings and events.

5. World Clock.

Probably, this works better if you are either traveling around the globe. Even working with people from everywhere.

6. &… shortcuts, because who doesn’t love shortcuts.

See the full list here. These are just a few:

I definitely hope you find this useful. If you’d like a greater list or how I use and keep all the tools I mentioned, I’ll be happy to provide more information. Don’t be shy and comment below or send me an email. And if you liked this post, please remember to share some love!

xoxo, Laura

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