Is Bullet Journal for me

Is Bullet Journal for Me?

I hate organizing. Yes, I know the irony of the topic and my statement. Don’t get me wrong, just because I hate it doesn’t mean I don’t do it. I dislike clutter more that I hate organization. This is one of the first questions that go through a person’s mind that recently learned about what a Bullet Journal is. I’ve defined the Bullet Journal system here based on the official site and personal experience. I need constant reminders, guidances and someplace to write my to-dos and start planning based on that. 


I came across the Bullet Journal system and I was genuinely excited until I realized that I was never going to make it “Instagram” worthy. I’m not artistic… if anything, I’d say I’m a writer and I can almost draw a straight line with a ruler, ALMOST. However, my bullet journal is mine as yours will be just for you, it doesn’t have to be pretty for someone else, it just needs to be useful for you and I found that it is useful. I have to keep like a thousand journals and calendars to carry my day and week because my mind is a mess and it’s like I have a hoping rabbit that drank too much caffeine and has never stopped with the energy drinks either. So… Let’s see the benefits for you to decide if the Bullet Journal system is for you.


If it is, I’ll welcome you to the low-key obsessed group of people at the end of the post. Okay… no actual group, but I’m low-key obsessed and I think you may be too.


Why journaling is good for you? 


  • Your thoughts, organized 


Have you experienced having a thousand ideas, events and even memories that you want to write down but don’t have where and once you finally find pen and paper, your ideas they are already gone? Keeping a bullet journal can be whatever you want it to be and it can help you organize your thoughts, make them comprehensible and see if there’s anything actionable needed. You can write an event, a feeling attached to that event, an opinion, or experience without losing your mind!



  • It helps improve your writing 


If it’s through pen and paper, keeping a bullet journal doesn’t seem like much when you think about “improving your writing” but it does help a lot when you’re continuously wanting to make it look better, making it more efficient, more useful… trust me, your writing will improve, even your vocabulary may finally shine on!



  • Setting goals and achieving them 


Are you aware that you’re more likely to fulfill a goal that you’ve written down than just thought-about goals? Why? Because it helps to remind you of your “why”, your ambitions and what you’re trying to achieve. Once they are written, you can track their progress, plan the next milestone and once achieved, focus on the next goal.



  • Record ideas anywhere on-the-go 


This is mostly if you take your bullet journal everywhere, which I don’t. I have a small multiuse bag and I take my iPad mini for the on-the-go ideas but I’ve met people that take a bullet journal everywhere and they either record a meeting, ideas they need to write down when we’re having coffee or simply a to-do list that came to mind. The benefit of this is that you can keep all your ideas in a single place and you can re-visit, use as a reference for new ideas or check if it’s something that needs follow up.



  • Memory booster 


Yes, I know… hard to believe. But, did you know that it’s easier for your brain to make a stronger connection and remember something you’ve written down? It has a visual image to accompany the thought, idea or information, which makes it easier for your brain to simply recall the visual memory!



  • Stress reliever 


Tell me you don’t need this? Because if you don’t, please send me your secrets at, seriously. Going back to the subject of bullet journal being used for a stress reliever, let me tell you there’s a space or “collection” that lets you brain-dump all your worries, frustrations and pains. This allows you to focus on a brighter subject after you’ve taken all those horrible thoughts out of your pretty brain and makes it easier to tackle the day!


Why I started a bullet journal? 

This has to be the easiest and most difficult question to answer at the same time. Simply put, I started it because it looked pretty and I didn’t want to purchase another agenda.


I said that it was the easiest question to answer because I wanted to understand what was the whole thing about the Bullet Journal system but it’s also a difficult question to answer because I also wanted to check on my mental health closely, per my therapist’s request. THIS is the reason I’ve maintained it for so long.


Now that I’ve been using it since 2016, I can definitely say that it has helped me not only with taking care of my mental health but it also gives me a structure that I need. It allows me to use the space depending on my mental state; Do I need to see hours to not lose track of my time? Am I needing to feel a bit more upbeat and use more color? What if I need to see something less cluttered? I don’t know if all people that have a mental health issue uses one but MAN has it helped, like seriously.


And not only that, I mean keeping on the structure subject, I based my workdays on my bullet journal. If there’s anything pending on that day, I know I’ve written it down, and then transferred it to my Google Calendar to keep both, analog and digital, reminders about events, birthdays, tasks and appointments. It may not be for everyone, but it sure helps me.


Should I bullet Journal? 

Tough question to answer. My first instinct would be to say YES, however, I’ll write down the reasons why I think it’s a great idea to have a bullet journal:



  • A single To-Do list spot instead of thousands of post-its 


And please, do not tell you haven’t been one of those that has a post-it handy, writes an idea and then, can’t remember where the post-it ran to. I know, we need to put a leash on those beautiful things so they don’t run from us but while that’s invented, bullet journal. 



  • Creative Outlet 


Creative doesn’t mean you’ll be the next Picasso, although you might be, it’s simply having imagination and trust me, we all have some. The bullet journal, because it’s not a black and white structure can be a perfect outlet when you feel creative, down or simply have something in your head that needs to be put into pen and paper.


I honestly think those are the most common that drive people into the bullet journal world. Consider that there may be a thousand more reasons to start. The organization part it’s what keeps them hooked too. In the near future, we’ll go in-depth of what is the “basic” structure of the bullet journal. If you decided to jump in with the rest of us, you might enjoy it.


Should I journal every day? 

Definitely, this depends on what you’ll be using your bullet journal for. I use it for my day-to-day work organization as well as keep track of my daily symptoms and medication. Hence, I journal daily. You could journal once a week, 3 times a week or once a month. It really depends on how you’ll be using this AWESOME tool. Remember that the bullet journal system is what you need it to be, at the end of the day.

Keep in mind… 

Keep in mind that using the bullet journal system consists of making you feel good and helping you organize any aspect of your life. Remember that if you feel the need to use it not only to organize but to write down ANYTHING from feelings or thoughts to events, that’s okay too. 


It’s a fun way to let your mind feel less full and more at ease with whatever external data it’s gathering continuously.


Let me know what you think and show me any account or blog you follow about bullet journaling!


Laura M.

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