List of Supplies

List of Stationery Supplies

List of Stationery Supplies & Printable Templates For Bullet Journal – Long Title, I KNOW haha

First, let me apologize. It seems that I can’t write anything different from a bullet journal for ideas at the beginning, BUT I’m getting better. I’m opening up bit by bit. As I mentioned in my previous bullet journal post, I was pending in proving the list of items I have and I use, as well as new templates. Simple yet useful – seeing beauty in simplicity (:

I must admit, I’ve been postponing this post for almost a week and the main reason being… freebies haha & pictures.  I want to give resources that will help people as they’ve helped me but I can’t seem to come up with very… specific ideas aside from the ones I’ve already given. What I did, I’ve placed a password safe page for the freebies so that people really interested in templates for bullet journal to have a complete ongoing collection of useful templates and printables (even if it’s not for bullet journal).

List of Supplies

First things first: Stationery Supplies

I spend roughly a week going through several YouTube videos about Bullet Journaling and given, I had already some of the supplies and I wanted the others but first, I needed a notebook. I honestly didn’t have a clean one that I could use for it, most of my stationery does have a specific use (notebooks, at least) and I went to a shop in Guatemala called masbonito (prettier, in English) and got my first A5 notebook: Charuca.

Charuca front

The closest to it in Amazon and in English is Essentials Dot Matrix Notebook, A5 size (Bullet Journal) but I’m more inclined to get this one Leuchtturm Pocket Hardcover Dots Anthracite

It looks pretty in gray (even if the official color it’s said to be anthracite I see it gray) haha

I started this bullet journal as a carry-on to always have in my bag and take notes at any time. Such as what I need to do, remember as well as appointments and such. These are the items I use to create my very first bullet journal, hope this helps you find something you like or find something you are missing. I must admit, I’m sharing as well my wish list and once I have it, I’ll be sure to take pictures

I’ll place a list and a picture from Amazon, let me know if you use any of these or find them useful (:

Bullet Journal Supplies

Supplies List:


Wish List

I hope to purchase most of these before October or at least by New Year’s haha

There are a lot more items BUT let’s keep it simple.

I’m working to get the password freebies page up and running, but while I’m working on it you can get the update right to your inbox! (:
Being completely honest, it may take me a little longer than 3 weeks due to my day job and university but I’m doing my best and my girls support me, I guess haha


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