Meeting the Bullet Journal System

I’m not sure how to start as this will be my first post and while I was scrambling my head looking for something I saw my bullet journal. An organized person, that’s something I’ve never been, at all really. I’ve looked at everything and anything that can help me become better. Your definition of lazy, somewhat creative, driven by analytics and 0 organizational skills would be me haha. I used to manage myself through post-its and it worked… to an extent, the problem is: I tend to lose or break a lot of things and stationery is no exception to that. I know keeping everything digital would be something that would save my life but, just like many others, I LOVE stationery. Post-its and notebooks are my absolute addiction! Now, let me tell you the story of how “Laura meets Bullet Journal” – Oh and by the way, I’m Laura (:

Meeting Bullet Journal

Story Time (I hope it’s not boring, I’ll make it short, promised!):

Meeting Bullet Journal
I wrote poetry, stories through all my high school years, loved it! Unfortunately, most of it was lost given that I’ve never been much of an organized child. In college, I started to become a little more organized but between college and a full-time job, I manage little to no energy to make sure I had everything written and in order, even if it was digital. I continued to try and bought a couple of planners, yearly agendas with planners in it and it worked for a while, but either they magically disappear or I left them gathering dust. So, here’s the thing… I started looking for different things, being fed up as I was, such as: “best ways to be productive”, “productivity for lazy people”, “best ways to organize”, etc. but all the templates, advice, were not good enough for me.

Long Story Short…

I tried a couple of more things but to no avail, and templates don’t really work as I tend to get bored of the same “design”. It used to be really hard to find a good or useful planner altogether. Until I met the Bullet Journal. The moment I met the bullet journal system it was as clear as day that it was going to be my problem solver machine! Okay, maybe not like that but I saw great potential in it, and quite honestly, still do. I modify it depending on the mood, the shape I want (figurative), to fit my needs, to check on my habits… oh dear, the possibilities are endless and the online community is amazing! Fun fact: I stumble upon the bullet journal while looking for lettering videos in YouTube, how ’bout that? haha
Moving on, to the people that have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, let me address a quick FAQ on this subject:

What is a bullet journal?

It’s an organizational system which can be customized and it’s so forgiving that you can use it as you see fit; a To-Do list, Sketchbook, Diary, Notebook, it really can become whatever you need it to be. Pretty awesome, right? β™₯
Check out the original intention of the bullet journal system πŸ™‚

How to start a bullet journal?

Honestly, quite easily. You don’t need anything fancy to start, you can follow the exact example that Ryder Carroll introduced the “BuJo” (short for Bullet Journal) with, you’ll see it’s simple to get started. You can change it, adapt it and buy new things along the way, please don’t be like me. Stationery is something I love, and impulsively bought a lot of new things to add to what I already had to make it “artistic“. Of course, I noticed that it really was not my style. It was a really exciting project and went a little overboard haha I still use everything but in a less cramped manner.
– You can use a regular notebook, squared instead of lines – you’ll understand :),
– Pens, pencils, markers, etc. I only use 3-5 colors and these are:
  • Pink
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Golden
  • Blue
– Among other things, but this is the absolute basic. Even the colors are a bit much, but blue and black are basic (:
I’ll be taking more picture of my own when we’re a bit more into the month if you want (:

Reasons to Love Bullet Journal:

  1. You can use any notebook.
  2. I decide what’s important, what I need to focus on, change the template, it’s super custom-made β™₯
  3. Collections are amazing and you can keep tracking whatever you need!
  4. You can be CREATIVE or you can leave it minimalist and still make it different every week and month!
  5. It teaches “to see the beauty in simplicity”
  6. It allows freedom as to what, when and how to write (a personal favorite β™₯)
I’ll introduce mine now that we’ve gotten the reasons to start a bullet journal out of the way. There’s been ups and downs but I hope you like it and if you have any ideas you want me to try, just let me know β™₯
Supplies used:
Bullet Journal
Bullet Journal
Bullet Journal
Bullet Journal
Bullet Journal  Bullet Journal
Bullet Journal
Hope you like this and if you did, please share (:
Also, as this is my first post and I’d appreciate any feedback or anything else you’d like to say.
Laura M. β™₯

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