Minimalist Challenge Update

Update – 30-day Minimalist Challenge


An update after the 30-day challenge that was posted in June and even if it was done mid-Jun and mid-July. I didn’t skip one and did them in order. You can read below 😀

Day # 1: 15/06/2018 – Stay Offline for One Day

This day was fairly simple. Yes, I am a blogger and I do survive on the internet and social media. However, I don’t do personal social media very well – I barely do work social media well haha so a day away from everything is always nice and a regular thing to do.

Day # 2: 16/06/2018 – Meditate for Fifteen Minutes

I meditate at least 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night and to complete the 15 minutes, I meditated at work midday. It’s always nice to remember how to relax amongst a busy schedule and it helps to clear the mind and have a different perspective and take on whatever you’re working.

Day # 3: 17/06/2018 – Declutter Your Digital Life

Didn’t complete it. I’ve unfollowed, unfriend, and overall deleted a lot of things (and fixed others) but it’s too much clutter that I’ll definitely need more than 1 day.

Day # 4: 18/06/2018 – No-Complaint Day

This was SO hard. My mood today was bad. I was irritable, annoyed and pretty much got angry if anyone came close and breathe wrong. Bah, it was awful (no longer on day 4, thank you very much). BUT it did show me how many times in a day I complain about something. Anything really and, even if it doesn’t feel great to not complain and bottle everything up, it felt great to not open my mouth unnecessarily.

Day # 5: 19/06/2018 – Identify Your 3 to 6 Main Priorities

This was fairly simple to do. I’ve had the same priorities for the past year. Grow the blog, eat healthier, focus on self-care, try to manage depression and anxiety better, exercise more often and travel more with J.

Day # 6: 20/06/2018 – Follow A Morning Ritual

I have been doing this for the past 6 months, so I’m pretty sure I nailed it. I have a morning ritual of getting up, stretching a bit, meditate for 5 minutes, brush my teeth, wash my face, toilet, wash my hands, comb my hair with a hair mask for softer hair, put on my glasses, change into work clothes and go fight the world.

Day # 7: 21/06/2018 – Streamline Your Reading List

I’m not sure if this was done correctly. Especially, because I already use Goodreads and that for me is pretty streamlined but I created a spreadsheet for a specific list of books for “2018 Reading Challenge” with a friend. I think both of those are pretty amazing.

Day # 8: 22/06/2018 – Learn To Enjoy Solitude

I AM SOLITUDE. Okay, no but really, I’ve always been more of a quiet person than a social butterfly so I always enjoy solitude. The best of this is that I was able to meditate more time than my regular 10-min a day which was pretty relaxing.

Day # 9: 23/06/2018 – Downsize Your Beauty Collection

I barely have one and with this, I have 2 eyeshadow tiny pallets, 3 eyeliners (1 white, 1 liquid, and 1 pencil), 3 lipsticks (1 black, 1 purple, 1 red) and 1 eyelash. I’m pretty happy with this as I don’t use anything other than creams and eyeliner most of the time (:

Day # 10: 24/06/2018 – No Email or Social Media Until Lunch

As this was in a Sunday, I was relieved of doing this, tbh. I rarely check my phone on weekends as I have an unhealthy amount of email interaction due to my day-to-day job as well as the blogging. I gave the no email nor social media up until 4 pm and it was a nice break. We should do this more often, definitely.

Day # 11: 25/06/2018 – Evaluate Your Commitments

This was difficult. I evaluated my commitments done quarterly and at the beginning of the year. I definitely failed workout and language studies but I am picking up exercising again but we’ll see how it goes.

Day # 12: 26/06/2018 – Define Your Goals For This Year

My goals for this year were simple and are still on track. Yeyy me? Haha definitely, yeyy me! My goals were: exercise (which I’ve dropped and picked up again), increase my blog traffic and activity and get healthier.

Day # 13: 27/06/2018 – Clear Out Your Closet

This was PERFECT! I had clothes stored there that I haven’t used in so long. I grabbed a plastic box and filled it with clothing and shoes. This will be perfect for donations or for any sort of projects.

Day # 14: 28/06/2018 – Take A Step Towards Learning A New Skill

As I’m super interested in bullet journaling and calligraphy, I am starting with lettering and then moving upwards to calligraphy.

Day # 15: 29/06/2018 – Examine Your Daily Habits

Once I’ve examined everything I do, definitely noticed that I need to change and remove some habits.

Day # 16: 30/06/2018 – Don’t Buy Anything For 24hrs

HAH, this was an easy one. I am not much of a buyer anyway.

Day # 17: 01/07/2018 – Practice Single-Tasking

This was a little harder to complete. I am not a multi-tasker by any means, but I do tend to try and focus on more than 2 tasks at a time. This sometimes doesn’t particularly works. EVER. & I tried a new technique (Pomodoro Technique) to focus for a specific time on a specific task. Hope this works.

Day # 18: 02/07/2018 – Unfollow and Unfriend

This is a hassle. I have the same accounts from a very long time ago but I did unfollow and unfriended a couple of people. I’m just not willing to make a full sweep yet.

Day # 19: 03/07/2018 – Go For A Walk And Practice Mindfulness

I have learned to practice mindfulness daily and try to walk as much as I can. It doesn’t always work but it does help sometimes.

Day # 20: 04/07/2018 – No TV All Day, Read Instead

This was an easy one. I read and listen to books like it’s nobody’s business – possibly not a good hobby done extremely either.

Day # 21: 05/07/2018 – Journal For Twenty Minutes

I like writing, so this was quite simple. It actually became almost 50 minutes of writing.

Day # 22: 06/07/2018 – Create A Relaxing Bedtime Routine

I try changing something every week to actually look forward to it. I don’t wear makeup, it’s just washing my face, cleaning my hair and basic hygiene.

Day # 23: 07/07/2018 – Go Bare-Faced

Always, I only wear moisturizing facial cream so this was a no-brainer.

Day # 24: 08/07/2018 – Practice Gratitude

I’ve gotten into the habit of gratitude of at least once a day. And it’s been working for the past 6-months and it has made me feel a little better every day.

Day # 25: 09/07/2018 – Leave A Whole Day Unplanned

This was a bit more hard as I need to keep a regular schedule or a routine due to my depression.

Day # 26: 10/07/2018 – Identify Your Stress Triggers

PEOPLE. Yes, I know but I have social anxiety so, yes – people it’s my primary trigger. Then, not having deadlines and being micromanaged.

Day # 27: 11/07/2018 – Clear Out Your Junk Drawer

This was cleansing. I found some old pictures that were no longer in a great state, so just scanned them and threw them out.

Day # 28: 12/07/2018 – Let Go Of A Goal

This was a hard one. I decided to let go of a specific timeframe to lose weight. I wanted to use this whole year to drop down all my unwanted weight but between new meds, higher dosage and longer low episodes, well… now I’ll go easy on myself.

Day # 29: 13/07/2018 – Turn Off Notifications

BEST. DAY. EVER. Enough said.

Day # 30: 14/07/2018 – Evaluate Your Last Five Purchases

2 of them, totally not needed. For a game, actually. Impulse purchase, totally not necessary.

So, how was your challenge? Did you make it? Managed it? Completed it?

I failed the first time I tried. Let me know!


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