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New Member of the Family: I’ve Adopted a cat, what’s next?

All About The New Member Of The Family

New member

Being prepared. That’s the mantra every pet lover should follow once they adopt a new friend, this, however, was something I didn’t succeed. That’s why I’m writing this post called New Member of the Family: I’ve Adopted a cat, what’s next? to provide tips for future new owners!

This will be a post on what was needed and what was not ready for you to avoid, and specifically for cats. I already have enough dogs and guinea pigs haha

Cats are very sensitive when it comes to changes. They take time when adapting to a new environment, unlike a dog, they are more sensitive to new surroundings and may need days or even weeks to get used to you, the new house and the sounds.

Things to consider:

  • You’ll want to have a room ready for the cat’s arrival.
  • Scratching posts.
  • Ground rules for other family members and the new cat.
  • If you have other pets, research on how to introduce them.

Getting a room ready.

You don’t need to have a whole room for your cat but understand that a new environment feels uneasy to them at first. Cats are territorials and they are not used to the place and not their territory. By providing a small place for them to explore and to feel as their own for a couple of days and weeks comes a long way when exploring the house.

Space can be a laundry room, a bathroom or an unused room. Place the litter box, any toys and scratching posts as well as water and food. Remember to also spend time with your cat, so place something comfortable for you to sit down.

Once the cat is more used to the house, place a water and food station. Place this away from the litter box. Also, if you have 1 cat you want to have at least 2 litter boxes in areas that it can be easily located.

Scratching Posts.

If you don’t want the cat to scratch the furniture, make sure to have enough scratching posts and toys for them. Also, you can encourage the cat to use it by adding catnip or any appealing smells to the cat.

If possible, get a cat tree as well. This will help the cat to use the scratching posts as well as survey the movement within their territory comfortably.

Ground Rules For Other Family Members

Make a schedule to clean the litter box. Also, cleaning the food and water station, fill the bowls and pick up the toys. All of these should be done by all the members of the household as this will help the cat to get used to the different smells and movement within the house.

If you have other pets, research on how to introduce them.

This is something that I clearly didn’t do. I have 4 dogs and 2 guinea pigs (yup, sad story) and now cats. But I didn’t enough research as my 4 dogs have different personalities but they are all super excited kind of dogs. So, after walking them, twice, the introductions still went wrong. The cat likes to play them from the glass door and the dogs scratch the glass the door and want to play but they cannot control their strength, which can be funny to watch. You can see my girls here (:

For more tips, check this post from PetMD.

Now, a sexy cat picture

New Member

Always remember, patience is key.

Let me know if you found these useful!


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