New Stationery

New Stationery Haul!

New Stationery!

New Stationery Haul

Disclaimer: This was not posted when it was supposed to come out as I was sick and had an awful day and weekend but all is well again and my stomach is not acting up and no fever, yeyy! But, onto the post *charge!*

Alright, I’m trying to avoid spending money on anything for a while but I got new stationery! My boyfriend surprised me with a full set of dual brush, a fine liner pen AND the most beautiful weekly planner. Beautiful colors, they don’t bleed in the Leuchtturm1917 (which is all I need), and even if they are NOT Tombow, they are still really pretty and super affordable.

The Story Behind The Excitement

Weekly Planner

I am as MESSY as they come, or so I believe. BUT it’s really the fact that I don’t pay much attention to anything and I end up forgetting even where I wrote down specific small tasks that I need to do (regarding the blog) and I don’t use the Bullet Journal for that yet. So, I use Google Calendar and Google Keep and works amazingly well. But the small house tasks and the fact that I have to review the bullet journal and Google tools are also something I have to write down to get it done. Weird, right? So, I usually use post-it’s and get it on my whiteboard. However, there’s a cat at home now and she doesn’t like to see papers without chewing on them… it’s been a forgetful and messy nightmare.

This is where the planner comes in handy. Hands Down. It has 52 sheets but as they are not numbered I have 20 weeks at work and 32 at home and this has definitely helped to remember what I need to check when I need to check it. And the cat cannot reach it because it goes into my bag and we’re good to go!

I found that they sell this in a local store in Guatemala called masbonito and they only have an FB page. This is where I bought my first attempt at a bullet journal and I have pictures of it here – the starter pack was from last year but only the calendars are not updated – and it was a cute thing to start but it was too small and it didn’t work for me but aside from that, I LOVED the weekly planner. It’s been super useful this past week and I am the type of person that I need a reminder to check my reminders and tasks haha

Dual Tip Markers

The original name of the brush set is Tomaxis – 24 Colors Dual Tips Art Markers. The tips are fineliners and brush and are non-toxic, which is definitely a plus!

I’ve been trying to doodle daily (not going so well) and I used this to test the colors and how it feels when using them. I’ve got to admit, I’m in love! These are not perfection, but they are pretty darn close. They are pretty soft and simple to use!

Permanent Marker

Okay, so – I am not really sure how to feel about this yet. I love it but I hate it. It’s a Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker. It’s really pretty but sometimes it bleeds through the page and others, it doesn’t. I’m unsure why that is.

It’s been pretty to use when it’s on a doodle sketch but not as much in the Bullet Journal.

*Missing the picture, will upload as soon as I find it! haha*

These are the newest additions to the stationery that I own and love. Soon, I’ll need a new Bullet Journal and I’m open to suggestions but for now I’m still a die-hard fan of the Leuchtturm1917

Let me know what you think.


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