New Year Night 4

New Year, New Words?

Resolution or perspective?

Okay… maybe it’s NOT the best title for New Year’s resolution – this seems to be more on the “new perspective” sight. Furthermore, “to start writing again in 2018” will be more catchy but here we are. Full of worn out feelings and a bit dizzy – if the wine next to me is any indication haha. I’m lightweight and with only 1 glass you can imagine. Due to the alcohol, I’m not drunk but dizzy all right (:

Last year, did not end well. I have to admit it ended with me, depression and sleeping pills. BUT I’m determined to make it a great year. I’m steadily going to therapy and working out the depression slump. I know it won’t go away but I’m learning to manage it, which is awesome progress. As a result, I still have lots of work to do, but I’m happy to be around and a work in progress ♥ I’ll be talking about this depression slump in another part of the blog, maybe it can help someone aside from myself (:

I’m happy to announce my New Year’s party was by myself, with my pets and binging on audio books and plans for the blog throughout this year. My boyfriend wanted to spend it with his family, which we noticed we did just that the last 2 years, but I decided to have the night to relax and pamper myself. It was less difficult than I anticipated and it helps to get everything in perspective.


Here are some pictures of my new year’s night 😀 I was not able to get a great shot nor a shot from me burning any short of fireworks but, these look like fun.

I’m not the best at writing yet and I figured I did a lot wrong in the past 6 months regarding the blog. Furthermore, I was more worried about making money, which I do, than actually connecting. Thus, when the depression hit – I didn’t want to continue writing because I was not doing it because I wanted.

I’m changing that and hope to help, hear and learn more about people. I’ll continue with the bullet journal and exercise – no more diets for me, thank you very much haha


Laura M.

Laura M

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