Packing Tips

Packing Tips: What to avoid

Packing Tips: What to Avoid

Packing Tips

I don’t know if it’s only me, I definitely hope not, but I have this habit of over packing and end up using less than what was packed. I’d say this is the most concerning topic for traveling, after all, how can you enjoy something if you are not well prepared and are trying to save some money.

Here are some tips I’ve gathered and I’ve used to make it happen:

1. Avoid Forgetting or Overpacking. Make a list.

Packing Tips

Best thing is to plan ahead the places, weather and what do you like to do. With this, you’ll think about hygiene and what clothes are better for the activities you thought.

In my experience, I always go overboard with thinking about the many activities one can do in a specific place. BUT I have an amazing boyfriend that reminds me about money, stamina and my knee. So, we make an initial list to start narrowing down the list.

Question your list with: Do you REALLY need it? If you take it, will it REALLY be used? How can it be combined to take less? How often will be used?

2. Avoid wrinkles. Fold your clothes properly.

Packing Tips

JUST like it sounds. Regular folding will not do if you want to take all your essential as well as make your clothes look good. So, my advice is: roll your clothes! Haha yup, roll them and bag them, in Ziploc bags. How?!?! You may wonder, trust me it works to keep your packing to a minimum and your clothes visibly less wrinkled.

I don’t bag ALL my clothes but blouses, socks, and underwear are a definite. Jeans and pants, are okay to just roll them. Remember that dual-purpose clothing is a must!

3. Don’t forget the essentials. Toiletries.

Again, Ziploc bags. This will avoid any leakage that may happen due to movement or air pressure. Remember that with all the movement the luggage suffers during a road trip or a plane trip, something is bound to leak. Only the essentials will be needed, you don’t always need an after lotion or aftershave but you always need a toothbrush and a soap 🙂

Check your priorities and what you are willing to go without for a week or so and think about how much more you’ll enjoy if you’re less stressed about losing, leaving behind or not being able to buy. Anything medical can usually be bought at a local pharmacy.

I’d love to give more advice on makeup but I only use face and body cream, as well as liquid eyeliner and lip balm. Sorry.

4. Even if with all these, there’s anything you missed… shop!

Packing Tips

Yes, I know that the whole point of traveling is getting to know something instead of spending money but shopping in unfamiliar places is definitely a must if you want any sort of souvenirs or an eclectic decorated living area. I mean, why not?

These are tips and things to avoid that have helped me tons! More so, because I’m the sort of person that is in love with books and if I cannot bring a new one home, then… WTF, really. You can read 60 tips that I found here. Personally, I don’t agree with some of these because they haven’t worked for me but maybe they do for you! 

Let me know if these are some tips that you’ve tried and avoided or what works for you. You could even take into consideration something from this list to enjoy the trip a lot more!!



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